How can I fund my Sorare account with a MetaMask Wallet?

Sorare offers users choices of how they fund their wallet.

To fund your Sorare account with a MetaMask Wallet you need to first create an Ethereum wallet, fund it with ETH, and connect your wallet to Sorare. (If you want to explore other ways to fund your Sorare account, please read this Help Center article on funding your Sorare account.)

  • Setup a wallet: For browsers, we recommend MetaMask browser extension. You can install it as a plugin for Chrome or Firefox. Video tutorial for MetaMask wallets. For mobile, we recommend installing Coinbase Wallet, available for Apple and Android. Video tutorial for Coinbase Wallet.

  • Fund your wallet: To fund your wallet, buy ETH and send it to your wallet; to buy ETH, we recommend Coinbase to get started. 

  • Connect your wallet to Sorare: Once your wallet is funded with ETH, connect your wallet to Sorare and transfer the funds from your wallet to Sorare. 

If you have other questions about funding your Sorare wallet, please send a message to Sorare Support.

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