How can I fund my Sorare account with a Coinbase Wallet?

Sorare offers users choice with how they fund their wallet.

To fund your Sorare account with a Coinbase Wallet please follow the steps explained below.

➡️  Fund your Coinbase Wallet

To fund your wallet, you will need to buy ETH and then send it to your wallet.
To buy ETH, we recommend you use Coinbase, as it is the easiest and quickest option to get started. 

➡️  Connect your Coinbase Wallet to Sorare

Once your wallet is funded with ETH, all you need to do is connect your wallet in Sorare and transfer the funds from your wallet to Sorare. If you want to connect your wallet on Sorare: 

  • Click on your Sorare wallet at the top right of the Navigation bar and click on "Add ETH"
  • Click on Coinbase Wallet
  • Open the Coinbase Wallet application on your mobile phone
  • Click on the can icon located at the top right of your screen, in the "assets" tab
  • Scan the QR code that appears on the Sorare website, and your wallet will automatically connect to Sorare

If you already have the Coinbase extension on your browser, you simply need to click on Connect my wallet when you click on your Sorare wallet icon.

➡️ I cannot see my Coinbase Wallet

If you cannot see your Coinbase Wallet in the deposit options please open a new incognito mode tab and it should appear. 

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