How to fund my Sorare Wallet: ETH Wallet

You can activate your ETH Wallet in two ways.

1) Use one of our partners, Ramp or Moonpay, to fund your Sorare Wallet. Note that in the United States, neither MoonPay nor Ramp is available in the states of Louisiana or New York. 

2) Deposit funds through the ERC-20 network. 

  • Set up an external wallet: For browsers, we recommend MetaMask browser extension. You can install it as a plugin for Chrome or Firefox. Here is a video tutorial for MetaMask wallets. For mobile, we suggest installing Coinbase Wallet, which is available for Apple and Android. 
  • Fund your wallet: To fund your wallet, purchase ETH and send it to your wallet; to buy ETH, we recommend using Coinbase to get started. 
  • Connect your wallet to Sorare: Once your wallet is funded with ETH, connect it to Sorare and transfer the funds from your wallet to Sorare. 

If you have other questions about funding your Sorare Wallet, please submit a ticket to Sorare Support.

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