Sorare allows Managers to truly own their digital player cards for football, baseball, and basketball.

  • Collect officially licensed digital cards, featuring the world's top football, baseball, and basketball players, including 247+ football clubs in 42+ football leagues, and every player from Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association
  • Compose football, baseball, or basketball teams from the cards in your collection
  • Enter your teams in a variety of football, baseball, and basketball competitions, each lasting 3-4 days
  • The score is based on the actual performances of the players on your team
  • With each competition, your players earn more XP, making them more powerful
  • Compete with players on global leaderboards for rewards
  • Buy, sell, trade, and freely collect your cards

In traditional digital games, you collect and use in-game items but you do not own them. Sorare's digital player cards have provable rarity (fixed and limited supply), provenance, true ownership, and total freedom of movement, thanks to blockchain technology. Your Sorare cards are truly yours and cannot be copied or taken away. With a Sorare card, you can use it in Sorare competitions, keep it as a collectible, transfer it to another platform, sell it, trade it, play it in another game, create your own game where you can use it, etc.

Build your collection and compete with other players.

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