What are the password requirements?

The length of the password should be between 6 and 128 characters. We do not impose any restrictions on numbers and special characters.

Sorare recommends the use of password management software, such as 1Password. A password manager is a tool that takes care of creating, remembering, and filling in passwords. It can generate unique passwords for each website you visit and can help you against phishing attacks. 

If you do not want to use a password manager:

  • Use a long and random password that is unique to your Sorare account.
  • Do not reuse passwords from other websites, especially your email account.
  • Do not use a word or words that can be found in a dictionary or the name of a person, character, product, or organization.

Once you have created a unique password, follow these guidelines to keep it safe:

  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Never send a password by email, instant message, or any other means of communication that is not reliably secure.
  • Use a unique password for each website.
  • Immediately change passwords on accounts that you suspect have been compromised
  • Activate 2FA whenever it is available.

Find out how to reset your password here

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