Can I swap my Sorare Football reward? What makes me eligible to swap?

If you believe that you won an incorrect card reward in Sorare Football, you can submit a ticket to our Support team who will review your case. 

Please note that Rewards won in Sorare Rivals are not eligible for a swap. 

Before doing so, please read our recently implemented official rules for swapping card rewards: 

  • The reward was delivered in the last 4 days (no old rewards from past Game Weeks) AND;
  • The player has a long-term injury (6 months +) communicated by the club before the reward was delivered during the last two Game Weeks before rewards distribution*
  • The card is the incorrect season (e.g. Liverpool 2021-2022 cards when 2022-2023 has been released)
  • If you receive a card reward in the U23 competition that is not eligible for the U23 competition
  • The player is retired and/or no longer plays professional football  
  • The player has an announced transfer to a non-covered league on Sorare
  • The player was not in the Reward Pool
  • The 1st Place Unique Division reward is worse (inferior) than 1st Place Super Rare Division reward for the equivalent competition. 

*We updated this rule starting GW 430 to reduce the subjectivity involved when it comes to determining the severity of an injury and the number of games missed. If a player has a serious injury causing at least 6 months absence during the last two Game Weeks before rewards distribution, they're eligible for a swap. For example, an injured player received at the end of GW 430 is eligible for a swap only if they experienced a long-term injury (6 months+) during GW 430 or 429.

If you believe your reward is eligible for a swap, submit a ticket and we will review your case.


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