Can I swap my Sorare Football reward? What makes me eligible to swap?

If you believe that you won an incorrect card reward in Sorare Football, you can submit a ticket to our Support team who will review your case. 

Before doing so, please read our recently implemented official rules for swapping card rewards: 

  • The reward was delivered in the last 4 days (no old rewards from past Game Weeks)
  • The player has a long term injury (6 months +) communicated by the club before the reward was delivered during the last two Game Weeks before rewards distribution*
  • The card is the incorrect season (e.g. Liverpool 2021-2022 cards when 2022-2023 has been released)
  • If you receive a card reward in the U23 competition that is not eligible for the U23 competition
  • The player is retired and / or no longer plays professional football  
  • The player has an announced transfer to a non-covered league on Sorare
  • The player was not in the Reward Pool prior to the rewards distribution day
  • The 1st Place Unique Division reward is worse (inferior) than 1st Place Super Rare Division reward for the equivalent competition. 

*Please note that we updated this rule starting GW 430 to reduce the subjectivity involved when it comes to determining the severity of an injury and the number of games missed. 

If you believe your reward is eligible for a swap, submit a ticket and we will review your case.

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