What are the Capped Competitions?

There are three different types of Capped Competitions: Capped 220, Capped 240, and Capped 270. The Capped Competitions includes players from all leagues and clubs. Managers must build their five (5) player lineup within a points cap, which is based on a player’s last-15 (L15) average score. 

Capped 220 

  • A 220-point cap for the team budget
  • Up to one (1) card of the lower scarcity is allowed in your lineup
  • There is no XP or Captain Bonuses in this competition.
  • Managers can select up to one (1) Drafted Common Card even if that card has been selected for other competitions.

Capped 240

  • A 240-point cap for the team budget.
  • No mixing of scarcities in the Limited, Rare and Super Rare Capped 240 Modes. One (1) Super Rare allowed in the Unique Capped Mode.
  • There is no XP or Captain Bonuses.
  • Managers can win cards from the higher scarcity or ETH Thresholds.

Capped 270

  • A 270-point cap for the team budget 
  • Both XP and Captain Bonuses apply


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