What is the Amateur Competition?

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At the beginning of each new season, every Manager on Sorare: Football selects eight (8) players from the league of their choice. These competitions require free Common cards, and will allow Managers to explore Sorare: Football and better understand how everything works. 


These are the draft rules:

  • Managers select eight (8) players with a 400-point budget
  • A player’s last-15 game score average (L15) determines their points value
  • If a player’s L15 is less than 40 or played less than 3 games in the last 15, their budget points value is set at 40 
  • You can have a maximum of two (2) players from the same club
  • Any recruitment points remaining from the draft or swaps will carry over 


Managers are able to join multiple amateur league-specific competitions in the same Game Week. 

You can win Limited cards and Sorare coins as rewards for performing well in these Amateur competitions. Limited cards will allow you to grow your collection and compete in higher leagues. You can also buy Limited cards or cards of any scarcity via the Sorare Market.

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