What is Automatic Bidding and how does it work?

Automatic Bidding (Auto-Bidding) is a new feature that allows you to bid on a player card automatically without having to outbid manually every time. Auto-Bidding is currently only available on the Sorare Auctions.

To Auto-Bid:

  • Go to any card auction and set your maximum bid amount
  • The bid placed will be the minimum increment against the current highest bids
  • Bids will automatically be submitted on your behalf any time you are outbid up to your max bid

When a bid is automatically incrementing, the bid will increment by a small, flat amount (0.0002 ETH) when placed by an existing Auto-Bid. 

Example: An auction is currently at 0.1 ETH and I want to place a maximum bid of 0.2 ETH. My first bid registers at 0.106 ETH (6% minimum increment). I am later outbid by a new bidder at 0.1123 ETH. Since the new bid is below my maximum bid, I automatically bid 0.1125 ETH (+0.0002 ETH auto-bid increment). 

If you want to stop auto-bidding on an auction, go to the card page and click “Stop”. Your current bid will remain and you will no longer auto-bid when outbid. 

Take a look at how bidding works on all sports auctions here.

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