Invite a friend to the Global Cup and win a bonus card for Matchday 3

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If you invite or have invited a friend between November 10 and November 25th, and they created their account to play the Global Cup, you will win a bonus 9-point Common card which you can use for Matchday 3 onwards. Here are the rules:
  • You must use your referral link or private league invite link for the referral to register in our system. If you have already done this, you qualify - simply make sure your friend verifies their phone number.
  • Your friend must have signed up to Sorare between 12:00 CET November 10th and November 25th at 9:00 CET.
  • Your friend must submit a team in the Global Cup.
  • Your friend must verify their phone number in Sorare settings -> Security.
  • You are only eligible for this bonus card once. You will get a maximum of 1x bonus Common card for the Global Cup.
  • Your bonus card reward will be a 9-point Common card player for your Global Cup squad, available to play Matchday 3 onwards
Please note that all accounts that are found to be multi-accounting will be suspended from participating in the Global Cup. Managers will only be able to claim their prizes if they have a verified number associated with their Sorare account.

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