What happens if there's a tie between me and another Manager? What is the tiebreaker rule?

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If more than one team finishes with the same points in Sorare: Global Cup 2022 Matchday or Overall Leaderboards, the winner and leaderboard rankings will be determined by totaling the points scored from each team’s top-three bench players (e.g. three non-starting players with the highest scores whose points didn’t count in that particular Matchday lineup). 

For example, if two Managers each finish with 400.97 points – based on the total of their five starting players –  the total score of their three highest-scoring bench players will break the tie:

Manager 1: Three top bench players score 35, 30, and 15 points = 80 combined points
Manager 2: Three top bench players score 30, 25, and 10 points = 65 combined points

Manager 1 will place higher than Manager 2 in the Matchday Leaderboard.  

If Managers still have the same score after the above rule is applied, or if the Manager is not tied with any of the top 5,000 in a given Matchday, the Manager who submitted their team first will rank higher. 

The final rankings will be updated at the end of each Matchday. An external link will be available for Managers to see the tiebreaking details. 

For more information about Sorare's Global Cup and to build your lineup, click here.

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