How are Player Scores calculated in the Sorare: Global Cup 2022?

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Sorare: Global Cup 2022 uses an action-based scoring system, where events that happen on the football field immediately translate into points for your team. Your players will score points in all of the games they participate in within a Matchday. The Matchday score for your player cards will be the cumulative total of all the points the player scores across each of the games for that Matchday. The Global Cup Player Score ranges from 0 to 100. 


On a player’s page, you will see:

-  A player’s five (5) most recent player scores

- The average player score for the player’s five (5) most recent games

- The average player score for the player’s fifteen (15) most recent games

Please note that average score excludes games when a player did not play (DNP) in a match.

To calculate a Player score we use the following formula: 

Player Score = Decisive Score (DS) + All-Around Score (AAS) [or + zero if AAS is negative]

  • The Decisive Score totals statistics that have a direct impact on a game (e.g. goal, assist, red card)
  • The All-Around Score totals statistics during a game that are less obvious to track but are valuable when evaluating a player's overall performance and impact on a game (e.g. completed passes, interceptions, tackles)
  • The maximum Player Score is 100 
  • The minimum Player Score is 0
  • If a player has two games in one week, only one game will be counted for scoring

The Decisive Score: 

Decisive scores track a player's key contributions during a game. Players start at level 0 (35 points for a starter and 25 points for a substitute).

Each positive-impact stat improves the player's scoring level; each negative-impact stat lowers the player's score to the previous level.

Levels above 0 result in a guaranteed minimum score regardless of the All-Around Score

Levels below 0 result in a score that can be impacted by a negative All-Around Score

Example: A player with 2 goals, 1 assist, and a red card will end up on level 2 (70 points).

Example: A player who concedes 1 penalty and receives a red card will end up on level -1 (15 points)

All-Around Score

The All-Around Score accounts for secondary stats that are more difficult to track during a live game. We use these statistics because we believe that along with Decisive Scores, offer a more accurate overall evaluation of a player's impact on a game. 

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