Types of Sorare: Global Cup 2022 cards

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When you sign up to play Sorare: Global Cup 2022, you will choose 8 Common cards to start your collection. You will play with these Common cards during The Global Cup 2022, with the opportunity to win more Common cards.  


Card Type

Number per Season






There are three different types of Common card designs that you will see in The Global Cup 2022:

  1. National Series Common cards: This design is used when we have a partnership directly with the player or with the national team football association.
  2. Club Common cards: This design is used when we don’t have a partnership with that player’s national team, but we have an existing partnership with that player’s club.
  3. Shadow Common cards: This design includes the silhouette, the first name, and the first letter of the surname for players for whom we don’t have an existing license.

Common cards cannot be bought, sold, or traded. 

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