How are player scores calculated in Sorare NBA?

Sorare: NBA uses an action-based scoring system, where events that happen on the court immediately translate into points for your team. 

Scoring Matrix:

Here is a full breakdown of how your player cards will score points over the course of a competition, based on their real-life performance during games:

Stat Category


Point (PT)


Rebound (REB)


Assist (AST)


Block (BLK)


Steal (STL)




Made 3pt FG


Double-Double (1 per player/game)


Triple-Double (1 per player/game)



* A player who achieves a triple-double will receive points for having first achieved a double-double (+1) and points (+1) for achieving the triple-double.

If one of your players has multiple games in a game week, check out this article.

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