What are the different Sorare NBA competitions?

There are three (3) types of Sorare NBA competitions. 

  • Underdog
  • Contender competitions
  • Champion competitions

Underdog, Contender, and Champion Sorare NBA competitions have a Points Cap and your lineups must not exceed the Points Cap.

Underdog is designed to be the entry point to a new scarcity for Managers looking to progress. This competition is meant to help a Manager build a gallery that is competitive in Champion and Contender. 

Contender competitions offer a higher number of reward opportunities than Champion competitions, creating the opportunity for more Managers to win every week. 

Champion competitions are for those looking to flex their General Manager skills. Your scouting and strategy will be put to the test as you build a roster that is firing on all cylinders. In these competitions, your player with the highest Sorare Points Per Game average will be automatically selected as your lineup’s MVP. The MVP will not count toward your Points Cap. There are fewer rewards available for Championship competitions, but the rewards are from a higher scarcity than Contender competitions. 

Key differences: 

Contender competitions: 

Champion competitions:

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