What are Academy Challenges?

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The Academy introduces new Managers to the world of Sorare. In the Academy, new Managers learn how to play the game without the pressure of having to compete against more seasoned Managers.

To make the Academy more educational and fun, we are expanding competitions and introducing new Academy levels and challenges to set clear goals, enable progression, and unlock rewards.

Academy Challenges introduce Managers to more advanced gameplay concepts like Decisive scores, All Around scores, bonuses and much more.

At each Academy level (Novice, Intermediate, Proficient, Advanced), Managers are tasked with completing a set number of challenges. In every Academy challenge, Managers submit a team into the upcoming Game Week following specific entry requirements. Managers graduate once they have completed all challenges, for example reaching a points threshold or particular ranking.


Challenge completion is evaluated at the end of each Game Week (at the same time rewards are given out). If a Manager has completed two of the three challenges at the end of a Game Week, their progress does not reset. They can complete the remaining challenge in the following Game Week. This means that Managers can work towards the challenge goal over a number of Game Weeks.

Each time a Manager completes a set of challenges for a particular Academy level, they “graduate” to a higher Academy level. Managers can only complete a challenge once they have unlocked it and it is visible in their Academy competition window.


The Academy is reserved for Managers who are not competing in competitions that require Limited, Rare, Super-Rare or Unique cards for any given Game Week.

As Managers progress through the Academy, entry requirements will change and allow for Limited cards. However, Managers can still graduate to each Academy without using Limited cards. Each challenge can be completed with Common cards only.

What are the specific Academy challenge categories?

There are four Academy levels: Academy Novice, Academy Intermediate, Academy Proficient, Academy Advanced. Each Academy level has specific eligibility rules & requirements and includes challenges that become more advanced as Managers progress.

For example, Managers will have to complete the below to graduate from Academy Novice to Academy Intermediate.

Academy Novice:

Team requirements

  • 5 cards
  • A maximum of 1 Limited card


  • Common cards will not receive an XP bonus
  • No Captain
  • If a Limited card is selected, it will receive a scarcity bonus of 40%


  • A team score of at least 100 points in total
  • At least one player card must score more than 50 points


Once you have completed this challenge in Academy Novice , you will graduate to Academy Intermediate where new challenges will be revealed.

What are the Prize Pools?
All Academy challenges follow the same score-based reward system that already existed in the previous Academy competition. Managers must reach a point threshold in order to win a specific card. Each Academy level unlocks a new prize pool with card rewards.


After completing all the challenges in the four Academies, Managers can continue to play the Casual League or play against other Managers in competitions like Global All Star, the Underdog League, the Specialist League.


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