What is the Sorare: MLB referral program

Our referral program rewards Managers for helping us grow the Sorare: MLB community. Do you want to invite your friends to Sorare? Visit Sorare for your unique referral link. Copy and paste the referral link to share it with friends, or share it directly via your favorite social network.

  • Refer friends to Sorare with a unique referral link
  • They sign-up directly from your referral link
    • If you receive multiple referral links, whichever referral link you click on first may get credit, even if you sign-up via the second link (if you have cookies activated in your browser, until the cookies expire and/or you clear them)
  • They win seven (7) or more Sorare: MLB cards from the Sorare: MLB New Card Auctions Market
  • Cards must be purchased within 30 days of you creating the referral link
  • Both accounts must be verified
  • You each win one (1) Sorare: MLB Limited card

There’s no limit on the number of new referrals who can receive rewards from the same referring Manager; however, referring Managers are only eligible to receive referral rewards for up to three referrals.

Across all sports, referring Managers will receive a card reward that matches the sport of the cards purchased by their referee (the person they referred). For example, if your referral purchases Sorare: Football cards, then you will receive a Sorare: Football card reward. Referrals can only complete one sports referral program. The referral program eligibility is defined by the referral program the Manager completes first. For example, if the Manager you referred completes the Sorare: NBA referral program first, both you and the referee will receive a Sorare: NBA card reward, but cannot receive a Sorare: MLB card reward if the Sorare: MLB referral program is completed afterward. 

Can I delete my account and start a new one to take advantage of a referral link?
We recommend that you do not delete your account to start a new one because our multi-accounting fraud detection may flag your account. You can still earn free Limited Cards by inviting your friends as part of our Referral Program.

Curious about how to earn rewards with our referral program? Take a look at our Sorare: Football and Sorare: NBA referral programs. 



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