Sorare: MLB Position Eligibility Guide

Navigating player position eligibility on Sorare: MLB is a straightforward process, but it's crucial to understand how positions are determined and updated throughout the season. This guide is designed to help you grasp the ins and outs of position eligibility for your MLB players, ensuring you're well-prepared to make strategic decisions for your fantasy lineup.

How Position Eligibility is Determined

Ingesting Position Information

  • Sorare ingests position information directly from our third-party data provider. We ingest the primary position for each player, providing a reliable starting point for your team's lineup.

Eligibility Updates Throughout the Season

  • Players can gain eligibility for new positions as the season progresses. Once a player has played in at least 10 games at a specific position, future cards minted for that player will include their new position.

Positional Eligibility on Player Cards

  • The positions a player is eligible for are clearly marked on their Sorare: MLB card. 
  • This includes positions gained throughout the previous season for cards from prior seasons

Addition, Not Subtraction

  • It's important to note that while positions can be added to a player's eligibility list, existing eligible positions are not removed during the season. This policy ensures that your strategic choices expand over time without losing options.

Seasonal Data Provider Updates

  • Our data provider may update a player's position eligibility during the season. Sorare will only incorporate these updates by adding new eligible positions to a player's card if the above eligibility criteria have been met, but the original eligibility at the season's start remains intact.

Seasonal Reset of Eligibility

  • At the commencement of each new MLB season, position eligibility is reset. This means that the eligibility slate is wiped clean, and positions will be determined anew based on the latest data from our provider and the player's participation in the new season.

Key Takeaways for Managers

  • Flexible Strategy: With the possibility of adding new positions during the season, your strategy can adapt and evolve. This flexibility allows for dynamic team management and strategic depth as players diversify their on-field roles.
  • No Loss of Options: Since positions are only added and not removed, your lineup choices expand as the season progresses, offering you a broad spectrum of strategic options without the risk of losing eligibility.
  • Seasonal Refresh: The annual reset of position eligibility ensures that each MLB season starts on a fresh note, with position assignments reflecting the most current and accurate data.

Understanding and leveraging position eligibility is a critical component of managing a successful Sorare: MLB team. Keep these guidelines in mind as you navigate the season, and use the dynamic nature of position eligibility to your strategic advantage.

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