What are the different tournaments in Season One?

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Sorare: MLB will offer seven core tournaments in Season One.
When the game opens on July 19, you'll be able to enter our Common All Star tournament.
Starting in August, we will start opening more tournaments across our other card scarcities:

  • Limited All Star*
  • Limited Pro
  • Rare All Star
  • Rare Pro
  • Super Rare All Star
  • Unique All Star

In 'All Star' tournaments, you'll be able to win more cards of that scarcity to continue building your collection and strengthening your team.
In 'Pro' tournaments, there are fewer card rewards to win - but you can win cards of higher scarcities and progress to competing in even more tournaments.

* Please note that when Sorare: MLB launches, we will temporarily allow you to use up to three Common cards in Limited tournaments, but over the course of season one that number will be reduced to two, then one, before eventually requiring a lineup of entirely Limited cards.

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