What are the different competitions in Sorare: MLB 2024?

Starting Game Week 1, we are introducing Champion competitions for Sorare: MLB using the In-Season and Classic Season eligibility for the 2024 season. For Sorare: MLB, this will mean:

  • In-Season cards are player cards from the ongoing season (2024) 
  • Classic Season cards are player cards from previous seasons (2022, 2023)

Champion competitions will require Managers to use some In-Season cards (2024). In Champion competitions, Managers can win Cash/ETH prizes and top card rewards. 

To start the season, we will have lower In-Season card requirements. Starting Game Week 10, we will transition to the full requirements. This provides Managers 8 weeks between the Marketplace opening and the full In-Season requirements taking effect, allowing time to adjust galleries and strategy.

In addition, we will roll out new free competitions via Special Weeklies throughout the season. 

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