What are the different competitions in Season Two?

Starting Game Week 1, we are introducing new competitions in the Limited, Rare, and Super Rare divisions for Sorare MLB

In Limited and Rare, we are launching American League-Only and National League-Only competitions. These free-to-play competitions will be restricted to players who compete in MLB’s American League or National League and will run every Game Week during the regular season.

We will also adjust the requirements to compete in our free-to-play Rare Pro, which will now require a full seven-player lineup of all Rare Cards. Note that Rare All-Star competitions will continue to allow up to three Limited Cards (same with Rare AL-Only and Rare NL-Only competitions).

In the Super Rare division, we are starting Super Rare Pro, which will require a full seven-player lineup of all Super Rare Cards.

Here are the competitions you can find on Sorare MLB every Game Week this season: 

In addition, we will roll out new free competitions via Special Weeklies over the course of the season. 

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