How are player scores calculated in Sorare MLB?

Sorare: MLB uses an action-based scoring system, where events that happen on the baseball field immediately translate into points for your team. Your players will score points in all of the games they participate in within a Game Week. The Game Week score for your player cards will be the cumulative total of all the points the player scores across each of the games for that Game Week.

Scoring Matrix:

Here is a full breakdown of how your players will score points over the course of a tournament, based on their real-life performance during games:

Hitting Category Points   Pitching Category Points
Run (R)  3   Inning Pitched (IP)  3
Run Batted In (RBI)  3   Strikeout (K)  2
Single (1B)  2   Hit Allowed (H)  -0.5
Double (2B)  5   Earned Run (ER)  -2
Triple (3B)  8   Walk (BB)  -1
Home Run (HR)  10   Hit Batsmen (HBP)  -1
Walk (BB)  2   Win (W)  5
Strikeout (K)  -1   Relief Appearance (RA)  5
Stole Base (SB)  5   Save (S)  10
Caught Stealing (CS)  -1   Hold (H)  5
Hit By Pitch (HBP)  2      

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