What is The Academy League in Sorare: Football?

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The Academy is tailored for new Managers joining the Sorare community to learn how the fantasy game works, without having to compete directly against other Managers. This competition is exclusively for Managers that don’t play our competitions that require Limited, Rare, Super Rare, or Unique cards.

The Academy rules: 

  • 3–5 Common Cards, maximum of 2 Limited Cards
  • Captain bonus = 20%
  • Limited bonus = 40%
  • You cannot enter the Academy if you have registered another team in any other competition that requires Limited, Rare, Super Rare, or Unique cards.

The Academy introduces our first points-based reward system: Reach a certain threshold of points to win Common and Limited cards. Limited cards will allow you to grow your collection and compete in higher leagues. You can also buy Limited cards or cards of any scarcity via the Sorare Market.

The Academy Rewards:

  • Score > 0 points = Tier 3 common
  • Score > 110 points = Tier 2 Common
  • Score > 165 points = Tier 1 Common
  • Score > 280 points = Star Common
  • Score > 360 points = Tier 3 Limited
  • Score > 410 points = Tier 2 Limited









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