How do Sorare MLB Card Levels, XP, and Bonuses work?

Every Sorare MLB card has a level associated with it, based on the number of experience points (XP) it has earned. All types of Sorare MLB cards start on level 0 and have the ability to go up to level 20. Each level carries a bonus increase of 0.5% on the card's score in a tournament.

Cards also get a +5% bonus in the current season - so all cards in Sorare MLB 2023 will receive that bonus. While 2022 cards lose their season bonus with the start of the 2023 season, all the XP your card has accrued through use over the course of 2022 will remain. 

Card transfers and XP impact: When a card is traded or sold on the secondary market, the XP accumulated on the card will halve by 50%, which will impact the card level.
XP Formula
Every card that you use in a tournament will earn XP for that Game Week, based on the following formula:
XP = (base xp + player score xp)
  • base xp = 75
  • player score xp = the total score of the team that the player card was used in, multiplied by 0.125
For example, if you play Aaron Judge and your team for that week scores 240 points, your Aaron Judge card will earn 105 XP: 75 base, and 30 (240 * 0.125) for how the team performed.
Leveling Up
Cards earn XP linearly based on how frequently they are used, but they level up more slowly over time. See the below representative table to understand how your cards gain levels - and bonuses! - based on their XP.
Level XP Required
1 100
2 200
3 400
4 600
5 900
6 1300
7 1800
8 2400
9 3100
10 3900
11 4900
12 6000
13 7300
14 8800
15 10600
16 12600
17 15000
18 17700
19 20900
20 24500
  • Level bonus: depends on the XP your card has gained and its scarcity
  • New Season Bonus (NSP): 5% 

Details regarding bonuses:

  • A player card will have the 5% NSB until the next season cards are minted for that player
  • If we do not mint cards for that player for their next baseball season, the player will keep his NSB for the upcoming season; after that season, if we still have not minted new season cards for that player, the 5% bonus expires (basically, you get one additional season of NSB before it expires)
  • Likewise, if the player moves to a team that isn’t one of our partners, all cards for that player will keep their 5% bonus for the upcoming season, and then it will expire with the start of the next season
  • Bonuses are locked when lineups are submitted; for example, in a single Game Week, the following scenario is possible:
    • Sorare Manager A submits and confirms a lineup with Player X who has 5% NSB
    • Before the start of the Game Week, new season cards are launched for Player X and that player's existing cards lose their 5% bonus
    • Sorare Manager A would still receive 5% NSB for Player X for that Game Week because his lineup was submitted and confirmed before the launch of new cards for Player X
    • Sorare Manager B submits and confirms a lineup with Player X (from the previous season) but not until after the launch of the new season's cards for Player X
    • Sorare Manager B would not receive 5% NSB for Player X


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