Can I have more than one account for Sorare MLB?

Our rule is one account per natural person. Individuals cannot own or control more than one Sorare account.

Fraud detection: Sorare fraud detection flags accounts that have received a significant percentage of their gallery (cards) for a significantly lower value than the cards' average market value. We have put this in place to detect possible multi-accounting from users who are pooling cards together to gain an unfair competitive advantage. We do not define 'significantly' because we want to protect our community from users who may try to abuse the system.

Consequences: If an account is suspected of breaking the rules, they will be notified and suspended from competition for 15 days. We will communicate with the user, and give the user an opportunity to communicate with Sorare. If after 15 days the account is still not in compliance, we may ban the account and associated accounts indefinitely.

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