How do I create my first Sorare: MLB team?

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After creating your account and completing the onboarding, you will receive 13 Common cards. To use your cards and build your first team, you will enter a tournament and submit your team. To do so, follow these steps:

➡️  1. From the main page, click on “Play" to arrive on the Lobby page. 




➡️  2. From the Lobby page for the current Sorare: MLB Game Week. Here, you have access to all open tournaments, each of which has progressive eligibility requirements. Based on your cards, you can access tournaments. As a new user, you can enter the Common All-Star Tournament and play your common cards. Learn more about how to compose a Sorare: MLB team.




➡️  3. Add each of your players to their corresponding positions. Your lineup has to have at least two MLB teams represented in order for your lineup to be valid. 

Note: The position circled in green is the one you need to fill with the players on the left.




➡️  4. Once your team is filled and ready, click on submit to register your team for the Game Week.





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