What is a Legend Card?

Each legend card represents a historic season in the player’s career. A season that is still spoken about by fans across the world each day. A season that brought so much joy, passion to football fans around the world. In some cases our players had numerous legendary seasons worthy of a card. 

Please note that for supply, we will mint 1,111 versions of each Legend’s season card.

Legends Challenge
Through the Legends Challenge tournament, your Legends will make their way back to the pitch. 

During these new tournaments, Legends will take the score of the highest scoring player of their club for their position.
For example, in Game Week 252, a Fabio Cannavaro Juventus legend defender card will have a score equal to the highest score out of all Juventus defenders which is Matthijs De Ligt with a score of 51.

Utility for Legends cards with National team jerseys:

Let’s take the example of a Michel Platini national team edition card. During club Game Weeks, Platini will take the score of the best scoring midfielder at the club he was at during the season on the card (Juventus)

During international Game Weeks, Platini will take the score of the best scoring midfielder in the France national team. These rules only apply to Legends wearing their national team kit. For example, the Ronaldo PSV card will not score during International Game Weeks.



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