What is device authorization ?

Device authorization is a security feature on Sorare.com that triggers an email verification when a login is detected on https://sorare.com from a new device or browser. 

How does device authorization work? 

  • When you login from a new device or a new browser on an unknown device, an automatic email will be triggered to your email address to verify your identity. It will look like this:


  • This will sign you in directly into your Sorare account on your new device or browser
  • Make sure to open the link with the same device you used to log in

This feature is among a long list of security features that help protect your account and the cards linked to your account, such as two-factor authentication, mobile phone verification, password verification when withdrawing cards or your funds etc.

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our Help Center, available here.



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