How do I import my card onto Sorare from an ETH wallet?

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In the summer of 2021, we migrated to an Ethereum ZK rollup powered by Starkware that allowed us to remove the friction that comes with Ethereum gas-fees while maintaining the security of your cards. Read our original blog post that explains what all this means. 

Following this Starkware migration, we have introduced a new process for withdrawing your Sorare cards from the platform. Although we plan on allowing you to import your cards back to Sorare from our app, you can already do this by directly interacting with our ERC721 contract deployed on Ethereum.


If you transfer the token to your Sorare address you will be able to use it on the platform.

(You can find your Sorare address when you unlock your Sorare wallet or in your previous ETH transactions)


You can do this here:


➡️ Step 1: Click on the connect to Web3 button, this will ask your MetaMask to connect. Choose the account on which you hold Sorare cards.



➡️ Step 2: You can the use method 13 (safeTransferFrom) with the following parameters:

* From: your MetaMask wallet address

* To: your Sorare wallet address

* TokenId: the card TokenID. You can find the card token id on the card page in the blockchain details section (click on the link for the full token id), see below:



➡️ Step 3: Click on write.


This will transfer the token to your Sorare address and it will be usable for trading and/or playing in Sorare: Football.


How long does my import take?

Depending on Ethereum traffic and the gas price you've set for your transaction it can take from a few seconds to a few hours or days. You cna check the status of your transaction directly from your MetaMask wallet.



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