How do I withdraw my card from Sorare to an Ethereum Wallet?


In the summer of 2021, we built an Ethereum Z-K roll-up that allowed us to remove the friction that comes with Ethereum gas-fees while maintaining the security of your cards. This was done with our scaling solution - Starkware. Read our original blog post that explains what all this means. 

Following the Starkware migration, we have introduced a new process for withdrawing your Sorare cards from the platform. This update simplifies Sorare NFT card withdrawals to your chosen wallet destination in order to use it on other platforms (e.g. Opensea) 


*Please note, minting your card to Ethereum does not mean you receive ETH. You are moving the Sorare card to another platform. 


➡️ Step 1: Mint and withdraw your cards onto Ethereum

In the blockchain details section of your player’s card page, select the 'Mint and withdraw to Ethereum button. 


This button will vary depending on whether your card is on Starkware and minted on Ethereum or not:
1. If the card is on Starkware but not minted on Ethereum => You will need to mint and withdraw to Ethereum
2. If the card is on Starkware and minted on Ethereum => You will need to withdraw to Ethereum
3. For cards already on Ethereum you will need to follow another withdrawal process by exporting your private key. Please contact our Support team for details. 

➡️ Step 2:

In the pop-up, enter the wallet address that you wish to withdraw your card to.

In this pop-up, you will also see the costs associated with a card withdrawal:
Minting -  The process of crafting your Sorare NFT card on the Ethereum mainnet.  

Withdrawal - The process of sending your Sorare Layer 1 NFT to your Wallet address.
Estimated Duration - The time needed to submit the STARK proof to the Ethereum mainnet

Minting and withdrawal costs can fluctuate depending on the gas fees and traffic on the Ethereum network.

Please note withdrawal fees can be high depending on the gas fees and the significant traffic on the Ethereum network.

We are currently working with Starkware to introduce a withdrawal option to StarkNet (a layer 2) instead of Ethereum. This will remove the existing fees.

When card withdrawal is confirmed, this card will disappear from your gallery unless you withdraw directly to your mapped Ethereum account.


➡️ Step 3:

Enter your Sorare Wallet password to confirm the withdrawal.


➡️ Step 4:

You will then receive a mail confirming that the withdrawal has begun.

Once the withdrawal has been initiated, the card page will display an 'in progress' label in the blockchain section of the card details.

Please note that you can still enter this player into a Sorare lineup, but once the withdrawal is completed it will be removed rom the lineup (unless is withdraws it to his mapped Ethereum account).
How long does my withdrawal take?

Please note that Sorare card withdrawals usually take between 8 to 10 hours to complete. This can vary depending on Ethereum network traffic.  


➡️ Step 5:

As soon as the card has arrived at its new wallet address, you will receive a second confirmation mail. Congratulations!

If you did not initiate a card withdrawal but received an email confirmation, please contact our Support team immediately by submitting a request

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