What happens to player scores if their game is stopped or suspended ?

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Player scores for all games that end prematurely / suspended / abandoned after kick-off will count in the Game Week. 
If the entire game is postponed the player gets a DNP but you will have the opportunity to select him again when the game takes place. 


We will count all player scores for teams that feature in a fixture that ends before the full 90 minutes + stoppage time. Whether a team played 12 minutes or 87 minutes, the player's score at which the match was ended will count towards the Game Week.


We have decided on this for the following reasons:

- With this rule Managers know their player scores in the current Game Week. There is no waiting.

- We will not be delayed while we wait on official news from leagues or the tournament officials on the final outcome of the fixture.

- It gives players more utility.



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