I have seen different scores for the same footballer after a Game Week. Is this because of position changes? 

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As a footballer’s career progresses, their starting position for their club can often vary from season to season. For example, younger versatile players may see their roles within the team change depending on their progress. 


Our data provider Opta updates the position of players every season. However, when a card has been minted (created on the blockchain) by Sorare, we can not change the position afterwards. This means that a player may have a midfielder and a defender card depending on the season. When this happens, the position of a player card can differ from what the player’s Sorare page says. 

The score calculation applied to your card is that of the position visible on the card. So for example, if your position of a player is marked as a forward on your card, but that player in reality started in midfield, your player’s score will be calculated and marked as a forward. 


We believe this rule gives our game an added strategy for Managers to work with. Good luck!

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