How can I change my mobile number?

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If you have changed your mobile number and can no longer access your Sorare account as a result, you will need to contact our Support Team. They will help you with changing your mobile number associated with your Sorare account. 


To protect our Managers, we ask that you share the following information to verify your identity when contacting us:


1) The email and phone number associated to your account

2) if you paid by credit card: the last 4 numbers of your card

3) Your IP (

4) As you own many blockchain cards, we'll need one last step to verify your identity for security reasons.  We will need from you to sign (Web3) your Sorare username + the current date (format that you should use: YYYYMMDD-username) with your Metamask account (the one linked to Sorare) by following this link:  You can then copy paste to us here the result so that we can validate your identity on our side.


Please send the above information to our Support team at If all the information is correct, our Support Team will be able to deal with your issue. Thank you! 


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