A different amount than what I wired was transferred to my account

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If you wired your funds through Ramp, there will be a different amount because: 

  • Ramp takes a small transfer fee for the conversion from $/€/£ to ETH. You can find their fee breakdown here.
  • You will also pay gas fees to send ETH from Ramp to Sorare. 

If you wired your funds through an Ethereum wallet, there will be a different amount because: 

  • To send ETH from a wallet to another wallet, you have to pay a transaction fee. This fee depends on the current “gas costs” of the Ethereum blockchain. It can go from a few cents to tens of dollars. 

You can find more information about what gas costs are here.


Remember that to  fund your Sorare wallet, you can do it two ways: 

  • Use our partner Ramp to fund your Sorare Wallet with €,$,£ with ETH 

This is the fastest way to fund your Sorare wallet. You can fund it in less than 5 minutes. Here is a step-by-step video tutorial of how this works. 

  • Create an Ethereum Wallet, fund it with some ETH, connect your wallet to Sorare

This is a longer process to fund your Sorare wallet but it will help you understand a bit more about how blockchain technology works. Here’s the step by step way on how to do this with Metamask. 


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