How do I sell a Sorare card?

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To sell your Sorare cards:

  • Log into Sorare and click on My Club (Sorare: Football) or My Cards (Sorare: MLB and Sorare: NBA)
  • Click on Cards
  • Click on the player card you want to sell
  • Click on List My Card
  • A popup will appear and you can choose your sale price
  • Enter your sale price and click on List
  • A popup will appear to confirm the sale; click Yes after carefully checking the sale price
  • Your card will be on sale for the next 48 hours
  • If the card does not sell, the listing will expire and the card will remain in your gallery
  • If your card is sold, you will receive an in-game notification and an email, and it will be removed from your gallery and from any upcoming Sorare competitions
  • Please note that you cannot sell Common Cards as they are given out to new players as gifts so that you can learn how to play and enjoy Sorare

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