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Check our Community resources. It’s the best place to start your Sorare journey!

The best way to learn how to play the game is by asking the experts themselves. We have a very welcoming community of Sorare Managers who have created valuable guides on the best way to get started in the game. 

To help fast-track your Sorare Career and knowledge, we would recommend:

Whether you prefer to read blogs or learn through video tutorials, our Community Resources have you covered. Check the Community Resources below. We have a fantastic community of experienced Managers who create helpful tutorials for new Managers just beginning their careers:


ALL: SorareData - SorareData is your one-stop shop for all Sorare stats. This is the best place to go to find out more about any players you’re thinking of signings. 

Video Tutorials, Guides and Tips

EN: Quinny YouTube Channel - Makes regular content for the Sorare Community.

EN: John Nellis YouTube Channel - Makes regular content for the Sorare Community and hosts his own podcast. 

EN: SorareAssist YouTube Channel - Budget tips and tutorials every Tuesday

EN: Sorare Starter: Basics of Sorare Fantasy Football


Blogs and Websites:

Sorare Breaking Down The Barriers

Excellent four part series about Sorare. A great place to get started.

Building a team on a budget:

One Manager shares his journey and tips on how to build a team on a lower budget and work your way up the ranking. Read the blog here.







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