Can I log into my friend's account to help him?

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Logging into your friend’s account is not prohibited but it could trigger our fraud monitoring system. With all the means of communication we have today, try to help your friend without login into his/her account.

Below is the information you need to keep in mind.
Here are our Fairness Regulations in more detail

Our system flags accounts that have received a significant percentage of their gallery (cards) for a significantly lower value than their average market value. We have put this in place to detect possible multi-accounting, and Managers who are unfairly pooling cards together to reap the benefits of entering multiple teams into the same SO5 tournaments. We do not communicate the exact percentage or rules that our Fairness Regulations follow as this could lead to Managers abusing the system.

What happens to accounts that are identified in our system?

Upon detection, we email the account and suspend them from taking part in SO5 tournaments for 7 days. We will then wait for their response and explain to them why their account has been suspended. If by the end of those 7 days the Manager has still not followed our instructions, we will ban their account and any associated accounts from taking part in all SO5 tournaments indefinitely. 

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