I lost my phone and/or two-factor authentication (2FA) password

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If you lost access to your phone or two-factor authentication (2FA) app, please send the information below to our team. It is important that you send all of this information to our Support team.

  • The email associated with your account
  • If you paid by credit card, the last four (4) digits of your credit card
  • Your IP, which you can find on whatsmyip.org
  • If you own many blockchain cards, we'll need one final step to verify your identity: Sign (Web3) your Sorare username plus the current date (format: YYYYMMDD-username) with your Metamask account that is linked to Sorare by following this link and then copy/paste/send us the result so that we can validate your identity

After verifying your identity, we will disable your 2FA which will allow you to login again.
Please make sure to re-enable it, as this process increases the safety of your account.


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