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“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.” Bill Shankly, Liverpool Manager 1959–1974.

Football is about scouting, managing, tactics, and live games but most importantly, it’s about a shared loved for the beautiful game with fans all around the world.

Sorare, just like football, is more fun when shared with friends. The Sorare community spends an incredible amount of time per week discussing every piece of information that can be used to be better at the game. 

We’ve made it now dramatically easier to invite friends to play Sorare with you. If you spread your excitement about Sorare and help us grow together, you’ll get rewarded.

How it works

Refer friends to Sorare and we’ll give you both 1 Limited card once they’ve bought 5 cards from the auction market

  1. Start by visiting the invite page. From this page, you can copy your referral link and share it to your friends. 
  2. If your friends sign-up through your unique referral link, then you are attributed as the referrer.
  3. If your friend collects 5 cards or more on the new cards market (both individual cards or bundles), you will both receive a free Limited card. Both accounts need to be verified accounts on Sorare (phone and email verification). Your friend needs to buy 5 cards in his first 150 days on Sorare otherwise the referral expires.


Bonus: If you invite more than 30 friends that have bought 5 cards or more on the new sales, you are eligible to win a unique card for that 30th referral. This applies only for the first 30th referral.


Program’s eligibility

There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. Your number of card rewards will grow as you help Sorare’s game grow. There are a few important rules to be followed:

  • When someone clicks your link, you will get credit only if they sign up directly with your link. There are no cookies, the sign up needs to happen directly from your personal referral link.

  • Promoting your referral code through the use of paid advertising on Sorare or Sorare-related keywords is prohibited. Sorare managers who engage in such activities will have their accounts banned (SO5, referrals and transfer market).

  • We’ve radically improved our fraud detection. If the system detects any potential fraud or finds any referral suspicious, we will not pay out the referral bonuses on these accounts.

  • Don’t spam. We kindly ask that you refrain from spamming your link and that this be used with your friends or your earned audience (if you’re an influencer). We will not validate claims to those not abiding by this simple rule.

  • You can not use both the referral system (invite your friends) and the affiliate program. Affiliation is recommended for people and businesses that manage a blog, a community, or social media channels with a certain number of followers.

  • Does the referral expire? Yes. To qualify for your referral reward, the person you refer needs to complete buying 5 cards within 150 days after having signed up with your unique referral link that can be found here

Good luck 😀!

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