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Our referral program rewards Managers for helping us grow the Sorare: Football community. Do you want to invite your friends to Sorare? Visit Sorare for your unique referral link. Copy-and-paste the referral link to share it with friends, or share it directly via Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

  • Refer friends to Sorare with a unique referral link
  • They sign-up directly from your referral link (no cookies)
  • They purchase five (5) or more Sorare: Football cards from the Sorare Market
  • Cards must be purchased within 150 days of you creating the referral link
  • Both accounts need to be verified
  • You each earn one (1) Limited card
  • Bonus: If you refer 30 friends who each buy five (5) or more cards with the above requirements, we will give you a one-time Unique card for that 30th referral (does not repeat at 60 referrals)

There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, and your number of Limited card rewards will grow as you help Sorare grow, but please follow these rules and keep these points in mind:

  • Promoting your referral code through paid advertising is prohibited and may result in a ban
  • Don't spam referral links; use it with friends or earned audiences only (if you're an influencer)
  • We have fraud detection, and suspicious referrals will not receive referral bonuses
  • You cannot use both the referral system and the affiliate program; the affiliate program is recommended for business and people who manage a blog, community, or social media channel(s) with a certain number of followers

Please note that there is no Sorare: MLB Referral program yet and Sorare: MLB cards bought on auctions do not count for Sorare: Football Referral program.

Can I delete my account and start a new one to take advantage of a referral link?
We recommend that you don’t delete your account to start with a new one because your account may be flagged by our multi-accounting fraud detection. You can still earn free Limited cards by inviting your friends as part of our Referral Program.

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