What is a Rookie Card?

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What is a Rookie Card?

The original Rookie Card of legend of the game has long been one of the most sought after collectibles in the sports card world. And we’re delighted to say that you can collect and trade Rookie cards on Sorare too. 

For 2021 cards, players get 1,111 (1000 Limited, 100 Rare, 10 Super-Rare, 1 Unique) Rookie Cards if all the following is true:

  • It’s the player’s first professional season in a number of top tier leagues defined by Sorare.   
  • If the player is 18 years or younger as of July 1st 2020  (J-League, K-League or MLS)
  • If the player is 18 years or younger as of July 1st 2021  (all other leagues)

➡️ here is an example of a rookie card for Park Chang-Hwan.



The top tier leagues defined by Sorare are: 

Premier League (UK)


Bundesliga (Germany)

2 Bundesliga (Germany)

Serie A (Italy)

Serie B (Italy)

Ligue 1

Ligue 2

Primera Division

Segunda Division


First Division A (Belgium)

Primeira Liga (Portugal)

Premier League (Russia)

Premier League (Ukraine)

Super Lig (Turkey)

Premiership (Scotland)

Bundesliga (Austria)

Super League 1 (Greece)

Superliga (Denmark)

NB I (Hungary)

Super League (Switzerland)

Ligat ha'Al (Israel)

Super Liga (Serbia)

Liga Profesional Argentina

Serie A (Brasil)

Liga MX

Primera Division (Uruguay)

Primera A (Colombia)


K-League 1

J1 League


CSL (China)

Eliteserien (Norway)

UEFA Champions League

Europa League

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