Where can I share my referral link? 

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Please invite your friends and close community only. It is not OK to spam referral links where influencers, footballs, leagues, or clubs talk about Sorare. Respect those communities, please. 

  • Promoting your referral code through paid advertising is prohibited and will result in a ban
  • Promoting your referral code through promotional offers or gifts (giveaways/draws/competition) is prohibited and will result in a 15 ban from Sorare and a permanent ban from the Referral Program
  • Don't spam referral links; use it with friends or earned audiences only (if you're an influencer)
  • We have fraud detection, and suspicious referrals will not receive referral bonuses
  • You cannot use both the referral system and the affiliate program; the affiliate program is recommended for businesses and people who manage a blog, community, or social media channel(s) with a certain number of followers

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