What are the fees when I make a wallet transfer?

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The fee for wallet transfers can vary depending on the method and any ongoing promotions that reduce fees. Before making transactions, be familiar with your wallet provider and their service fees. 

For example, if you wired funds through Ramp or Moonpay, these Sorare partners take a transfer fee for the conversion from fiat ($ / € / £) to ETH and you will also pay gas fees to send ETH from Ramp or Moonpay to Sorare. 

Typically, if you wire funds through an Ethereum wallet, you pay a transaction fee, which fluctuates based on the current gas costs of the Ethereum blockchain. The busier the network, the higher the gas fees for processing transactions. You can see how busy the network is on Etherscan. Here is a more technical explanation of gas fees and costs and what is being done to reduce those costs.

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