What are the fees when I make a wallet transfer

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When making ETH transfers, withdrawals and deposits through your Sorare wallet there are two fees to be aware of. 


Depositing through Ramp?

We are delighted to announce that Ramp successfully joined our New Scaling Solution. This means that deposits through Ramp are near instantaneous and gas-fees have disappeared. 

Find out all about the New Scaling Solution in our blog. 


Service Fees

Depending on the service (wallet provider) you are using, fees can vary. Before making any transactions, make sure you are familiar with your wallet provider's service fees. These are available on the service's website. 


Gas fees

Gas fees can vary depending on the traffic on the Ethereum network. The busier the network, the higher the gas fees will be to process any transaction. You can track how busy the network is here.


What are Gas fees? 

Gas fees are payments made by users to cover the cost of the computing energy required to process and complete transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. When there is a surge in demand for Ethereum-based projects, there can be a significant increase in Gas fees.


Best of luck with your next purchases!

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