How does Card Level and XP work?

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Every time a card is played in a game week, it accumulates experience (XP). The XP will help level up the card to a maximum of 20 levels in the space of 3 years. XP and level progress is designed so that if you regularly use a card it should grow by 10 levels within the first season. It will then take two more seasons of regular use to reach another 10 levels.

A card gains XP by being selected for a So5 team in a game week. The XP formula is the following:

(base_xp + team_minutes_played_xp + player_score_xp)

  • base_xp = 75
  • team_minutes_played_xp = (75 * average_minutes_played_by_the_team) / 90
  • player_score_xp = team_score * 0.125

The XP a card can acquire is progressive in a logarithmic way (it increases faster at the beginning). It will take 3 seasons to fully power up. Every time your card levels up, its bonus grows by 0.5%.


➡️ Below is an example of the level and Xp on an Antoine Griezmann card (rare - 4/10). The card bonus grew by 0.5% because the card is at 180 Xp and Level 1.



Player XP after transfers:

When a card is transferred in the game (via a trade or sold on the secondary market), the XP accumulated on the card will halve by 50%. It is important to note: The XP gets halved, not the level. As the XP progression flattens out with time, a halving of XP does not halve the card's level bonus.



The starting level of a card depends on the card scarcity.

The Level ranges are:

Limited: Starts at level 0 with a maximum of 20 = a level bonus from 0 to 10%

Rare: Starts at level 0 with a maximum of 20 = a level bonus from 0 to 10%

Super-rare: Starts at level 40 with a maximum of 60 = a level bonus from 20% to 30%

Unique: Starts at level 80 with a maximum of 100 = a level bonus from 40% to 50%

In other words, the level bonus can go from 0% (a rare with no XP) to 50% (a unique with 3 years of accumulated XP).



In the above example:

  • Hans Vanaken Rare has a bonus of 8% because the card is level 16/20
  • Saul Super Rare has a bonus of 26% because the card is level 52/60
  • Nabil Fekir Unique has a bonus 46% because the card is level 92/100


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