How is the Player Score calculated? (PS)?

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Sorare Player Scores (PS) are calculated based on the real-life performance of players during games. Sorare PS ranges from 0 to 100. On a player’s page, you will see PS for their five (5) most recent games, and the average PS for those five games, not including games when they did not play (DNPs).

Player Score = Decisive Score (DS) + All-Around Score (AAS) [or + zero if AAS is negative]

  • Decisive Score is based on statistics that have a direct impact (e.g. goal, assist, red card)
  • All-Around Score is based on statistics during a game that are less obvious to track but are valuable when evaluating a player's overall impact on a game
  • The maximum PS is 100
  • If a player has two games in one week, only one game will be counted for scoring

Decisive Score is calculated using the following grid.

Players start at level 0 (35 points for a starter and 25 points for a substitute).

Each positive-impact stat brings the player to the next level; each negative-impact stat brings the player to the previous level. Levels above 0 result in a guaranteed score. The PS cannot be lower than the minimum guaranteed at their level, regardless of the AAS.

Example: A player with 2 goals, 1 assist, and a red card will end up on level 2 (70 points).

Example: A player who concedes 1 penalty and receives a red card will end up on level -1 (15 points)


All-Around Score accounts for secondary stats that are more difficult to track during a live game. We use these statistics because we believe they, along with Decisive Scores, offer a more accurate overall evaluation of a player's impact on a game. It is calculated using the following grid.

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