I didn’t receive my referrer Limited card after one of my friends purchased 5 cards

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If you didn’t receive your Limited card after your referrer purchased 5 cards it may be for one of the following reasons:

1. Your referral didn’t sign up using your link. 

Please double-check on your referrals page if your referrer used your link. If your referral doesn’t show on this page, it is because they didn’t use your link. We never manually add referrals upon request. 



2. Your referral hasn’t bought 5 cards of the New Signings Market 

You are eligible for a referrer reward if your friend signed up through your referral link and bought five cards off the New Signings Market (the auction). They need to purchase these cards within 90 days of opening their account. You can see the total number of cards your referral has bought on your referrer page.

3. Your account has been flagged as suspicious

If the link has registered and your referral has bought 5 new cards, you may not have received your reward because you or your referral’s account has been flagged as suspicious. Please familiarise yourself with our Fairness Regulations. 

If you believe you have been wrongly flagged, please contact our Support team: support@sorare.com

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