There is a mistake on the scoring for one of my players

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We get all our data from Opta, a third party and the world leaders in sports data.  

Opta has their own review system during and after games to ensure that they deliver the best service possible. Here is how often we refresh our scores:

  • Every five minutes during a live match
  • Every five minutes for one hour after full-time. 
  • Every hour one hour after full-time. 

However, if you have spotted a large error and have a score query, you can find out how we score our players in our Player Scores article.

❓ How to report a score query

We have created a typeform for you to report to us any major scoring error that has affected a player’s score. Because of our refresh time, we kindly ask that you give sufficient time for the score to be adjusted (please do not use this form a few minutes after a goal is scored but doesn't show). Ideally, please wait 12 hours after a game before using this to report to us what you feel is incorrect.


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