How to report a scoring error?

Sorare is partnering with the global leader in sports data to score our competitions.

The scores for Sorare Football, Sorare MLB, and Sorare NBA are updated:

  • Every five (5) minutes during matches
  • Every five (5) minutes for an hour after the end of each match
  • Every hour, starting from one (1) hour after the end of each match

There is a review system in place to ensure accurate and timely scores; however, there are sometimes scoring errors. If you think you've spotted an error, please submit a ticket by selecting "Scoring Issue".

Please wait at least 12 hours after the end of matches before reporting a scoring error. Most of the time, scoring errors will be automatically corrected without anyone needing to report them.

Check out this article on what happens if there are scoring issues for a Sorare: Football match?

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