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The bonus of your player card consists of 3 parts:

  • Season bonus: 5% if the card is from the current season
  • Level bonus: depends on the XP your card has gained and its scarcity.
  • Captain: 20% 

New Season Bonus Rules Reminder:

  • A player card will have the 5% New Season Bonus (NSB) until the following season cards are minted for that player.

  • If we do not mint cards for that player in the following season, the player will still keep their NSB bonus for that season.
  • The bonus is lost regardless after 2 seasons:
    # If a player's card is the latest season edition of that card, it has a bonus
    # If a player has not received a new season edition after two seasons, the card loses its bonus
    The current season is 2022, the previous season is 2021, so 2020 no longer has a bonus.

  • Likewise, if the player moves to a club that isn’t one of our partners, all cards for that player will keep their 5% bonus for only one additional season.


Note that for Special Weekly tournaments, only the Captain bonus counts which is 50% for this tournament. It could be that the bonus on your cards is different from what they show in your team. This could be caused by the fact that the match they play in that given Game Week is part of a season different than what the card is from. For example: if you own a 20-21 card that has the current season bonus active for their main league, but they play in the 21-22 edition of another tournament (like the Champions League), their current season bonus will not count in that Game Week. 

If you think the error is caused by something else, please send a message to our support so that we can look into it 🥸!

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